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ProjectSaysay Posters Now Digital

To give students and viewers additional information about the featured men and women on its posters, ProjectSaysay Creatives’ Team introduced a 6”x 6” bionote for each honoree as a new innovation to the new designs.

Unveiled last October 23 at the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, these bionotes are brief introduction of the particular heroes, co-written by ProjectSaysay Executive Director Ian Christopher Alfonso and former Research Director Juan Paolo Calamlam. ProjectSaysay made each bionote brief, while additional information is embedded in the QR code. Contents of the QR code are neither texts nor spoon-fed tidbits about the honoree but authoritative readings, digital materials, and other resources available online, as well as recommended sites such as museums and historic sites.

ProjectSaysay Multimedia Director and former Director of Project Vinta Oswald Santos helped Alfonso and Calamlam in curating the contents of the QR code. Also, Philippine High School for the Arts Director Vim Nadera edited the text of the bionotes.

In case the QR code malfunctioned, there is an instruction below each of QR code that one may visit To access the content directly, follow this link: Curation and updating of the contents are ongoing.

This innovation is the reason ProjectSaysay was chosen to be part of the 2018 Digital Youth Summit at Bonifacio Global City from October 25-27.

ProjectSaysay Inc. is a registered non-government organization with a mission to spread the ideals and values of great Filipinos through dissemination of relevant, useful, and inspiring information sourced from Philippine history in three ways: [1] Distribute quality posters to Philippine schools for free, here and abroad, featuring the words of wisdom of great Filipinos; [2] generate sensible and accurate online materials that are shareable and attune to the needs of time; and [3] create platforms to express creativity and academic exchanges related to history and culture. Since its establishment in 2013, ProjectSaysay has distributed 4,363 12”x18” matte-laminated sticker on 3mm sintra poster prints to 2,055 classrooms and libraries of 182 schools, institutions and offices, here and abroad.

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