A portmanteau of the words "kilos" (action) and "illustration," Kilostration is the benefactor program of Project Saysay to which the poster-giving activity is attached. It aims to distribute 12"x18" sintra posters to the chosen school/s of the benefactor.

Dagitab is an old Tagalog word for spark, characterizing the gift of electricity to humanity. It is a Project Saysay program that explores the potential of the internet, especially the social media, in spreading the values and ideals of our great forebears.

Kuwentong Bayani is a series of lecture, talks and forums which focuses on the life and works of our great forebears. It is also being explored to be a kuwentuhan session (light talks) about Philippine history, culture, and national identity,.

Portmanteu of the words "tanghal" (express on stage or forma gatherigs) and "bayani" or great men and women, Tanghalbayani was conceptualized in Septmber 2014 to reintroduce our forebears.

Programs not directly under pSaysay but logistically and financially supported by the latter. These programs could eventually stand on its own.

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