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KilostraSYon Program

The poster distribution is the flagship program of Project Saysay. A portmanteau of kilos (‘action’) and ilustrasyon (‘illustration’ and ‘enlightenment’), Kilostrasyon is the tangible and history visualization program of Project Saysay Inc. It aims to distribute posters (measuring 12”x18”) to Philippine schools for free featuring great men and women in Philippine history and their words of wisdom. The posters are in Filipino, English, and other Philippine languages. Currently, it uses a matte sticker laminated on a 2.5 mm-thick medium-density fiberboard (MDF)



We feature not only bayaning Pilipino (Filipino heroes) but dakilang Pilipino (great Filipinos) because of the historical reservations in the meaning of bayani (hero). National Artists, National Scientists, incorruptible statesmen, and outstanding educators are all dakila and have words of wisdom worthy to go side by side with those of the bayani.

We choose the wisdom of somebody who has passed this life to assess whether he or she had lived by his or her ideals and his or her non-negotiable core values, which are the very fountain of the values and ideals he or she had left for posterity.


Each print is accompanied by a 6”x6” bionote of the honoree with a quick-response (QR) code embedded with primary sources.  The prints have digital versions—in Instagram size—that are shareable online through 

Painter Mark Villanueva is the commissioned artist by Project Saysay for the portraits.


On 7 February 2019, the Department of Education entered into a memorandum of agreement with Project Saysay officially adopting the latter's posters to all DepEd schools in the country. DepEd's Bureau on Learning Resources approved the latest designs, the list of honorees to be featured, and acknowledged the pedagogical methodology employed in the selection of quotation to accompany the portrait of an honoree. 

“This is beautiful. We need more outputs, especially on areas where we have been debating on matters of Philippine history. We need more knowledge. Ang daming hindi pa natin alam, na bago lang lumalabas, so what you are doing is important."


-DepEd Secretary Leonor Magtolis Briones remarked while checking the sample posters, 7 February 2019



On 14 December 2019, Kilostrasyon was named as Top Three Outstanding Projects in Education by the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) of the U.S. Embassy in the Philippines.


How to Help

Support our Kilostrasyon Program by becoming a benefactor/ sponsor/ donor of the printing cost of the posters for your chosen beneficiary school/s.  It can be from nursery to college, private or public, formal or informal, here and abroad.  The cost per poster (including a 6”x6” bionote card of the hero) is Php 250.00 only.  Two posters per classroom is our ratio.  The benefactor/sponsor/donor must automatically sponsor the minimum of 30 classrooms, or cover at least 2/3 of the total number of classrooms exceeding the minimum, or better no classroom should be left out.

Before you sponsor, kindly


  1. Identify the school.  It can be from nursery to college, private or public, here and abroad.

  2. Count the classrooms and secure student population.

  3. Name the administrator and his or her contact details.  This is for us to officially inform them of your sponsorship and explain to them the proper display of the items.


You may deposit your sponsorship to


PSBank Savings Account Name:

Project Saysay Inc.

Account Number: 151110001647

Download sponsorship package here.

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