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Project Saysay goes abroad

The balangay Sultan sin Sulu on its way to Zamboanga City from Sulu. Photo by Fung Yu.

Kaya ng Pinoy’s Balangay Voyage Expedition to China will deliver to Hong Kong ten first Project Saysay posters abroad to be loaded on one of the balangays this 27 May 2017. These posters form part of the items the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP) has prepared for the Philippine Consulate in Hong Kong. These include a bust of Jose Rizal, new publications of the NHCP, and the Philippine National Flag, the latter to be symbolically brought back to its birthplace in Hong Kong in time of the National Flag Days.

Project Saysay has also sent hundreds of colorful bookmarks for the Filipino community in Hong Kong and China bearing the words of wisdom of Rizal.

Mama Sita Foundation, likewise, will send its new cook book and will provide provisions and condiments.

The Balangay Voyage Expedition is headed by DENR Undersecretary Art Valdez. It is composed of three balangays Sultan sin Sulu, Lahi ng Maharlika, and Sama Tawi-tawi. It has a mission to relive the 600 years of diplomatic connection of our ancestors from Sulu with ancient China.

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