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Project Saysay Lands in Historical Bulletin

The Philippine Historical Association published in its Volume 53 Issue (2019) of its journal, the Historical Bulletin, the story of Project Saysay Inc. as a champion of visualization of history. It was authored by Ian Christopher Alfonso, Project Saysay founder and former executive director. It was among the papers read during the Philippine Historical Association Annual Conference on September 20-22, 2018 at GSIS Museo ng Sining, Pasay City with the theme “Bridging the Gap: The Role of Academic and Public History in Shaping Nation.”

Cover of the 2019 Issue of the Historical Bulletin.

In his abstract published on Research Gate, Alfonso introduces Project Saysay as "one of the champions of Philippine public history in the time of social media." The paper also "explores the endless possibilities of repurposing historical materials online and in print for the benefit of the public." The author underscored the fact that "Filipinos are audio-visual people" which is the heart of each and every effort of Project Saysay.

Alfonso also acknowledged his article as a semi-institutional history of Project Saysay. One may read the article here.


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