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Social Studies Educator elected as new Executive Director

September 1, 2022 marks a new chapter for Project Saysay as we welcome our new Executive Director, Mr. Michael Anjielo Tabuyan.

An educator by profession, he has taught various social science subjects at both basic and higher education levels. Currently, he is a high school faculty of St. Scholastica’s College — Manila while pursuing his MA in Philippine Studies from the Asian Center, University of the Philippines Diliman. He is also a Member of the Philippine Historical Association and the Caloocan Historical and Cultural Studies Association. His scholastic interests include local history, military history, and church-state relations.

He is one of the founding members of Project Vinta, and became part of Project Saysay after the two organizations merged in 2019 to partner for history popularization. Until he was elected Executive Director, he served as Project Saysay's Research and Education Director and spearheads Project Vinta’s research team. As our Representative to the National Historical Commission of the Philippines’ Local Historical Committees Network, he served as its Focal Person for its Subcommittee on Popularization and Promotion (2019-2022) and Cluster Head for the National Organizations Cluster (2022-present). He also participated in the drafting of the 2019-2022 (aka Baler Agenda) and 2022-2027 (Cebu Agenda) National Action Plans on Local History Development.

His election brings us excitement as he envisions a Filipino society with a deep awareness and appreciation of their history. He likewise hopes that the organization, with the support of our partners and fellow advocates, will continue to promote historical narratives from the regions and contribute to the practice of public history in the country.

In light of this, we'd like to express our heartfelt gratitude to our former Executive Director, Mr. John Paul Abellera for paving the way for Project Saysay's milestones during his term and for his invaluable service from 2019 -2022. During his term, Project Saysay became an affiliate of the NHCP LHCN and forged partnerships with some of our collaborators such as the Department of Education.

As we continue to live out our motto of finding historical examples, we look forward to your continued support in our advocacy of popularizing Philippine History and Culture.


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