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Student Org Champions pSaysay at PNU

After years of talks and explorations, Kabataang Pangarap ni Rizal (KAPARIZ) of the Philippine Normal University (PNU) will officially launch its collaboration with Project Saysay (pSaysay) on 6 December 2017. KAPARIZ adopts pSaysay as its new initiative to disseminate the values and ideals of Jose Rizal through posters to various schools.

As a maiden collaboration, KAPARIZ will turn over to PNU Main Campus in Ermita, Manila 38 posters for 19 classrooms of the PNU Institute of Teaching and Learning.

During the event, pSaysay Logistic Director Paul Mark Bero will give a short lecture of the experiences of pSaysay to various PNU students.

pSaysay eyes PNU a big sister in developing its programs for students and school.

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