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Bea Alonzo is Project Saysay’s Newest Benefactor

Bea Alonzo, from Wikimedia Commons

Established actress Bea Alonzo sponsored a total of 333 posters to Project Saysay (pSaysay) for distribution to 10 university libraries and schools in Metro Manila. Being a child advocate herself, Bea was surprised to learn about the work of pSaysay, and easily agreed to help the cause of spreading the ideals and values of our great forebears.

One of the institutions that Bea identified as beneficiaries is Eugenio Lopez Jr. Center for Media Arts, which will be receiving 50 posters in January next year. Also included are Bea’s alma maters and libraries of major universities and colleges, which will have 10 to 90 posters each.

On 17 December 2017, pSaysay will close its 2017 season with a total number of 3,325 posters distributed to 1,673 classrooms and libraries of 140 institutions of learning and offices, here and abroad.

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