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Project Vinta Merges with Project Saysay

Project Vinta formally merged with Project Saysay on 17 December 2017

On 17 December 2017, Project Saysay formalized its merger with Project Vinta, a Facebook-based generator of multimedia materials with focus as well on Philippine history and culture. To memorialize Project Vinta, Project Saysay renamed its online initiative as Vinta Program (formerly Dagitab Program).

With the merger, Project Saysay is strengthening its presence online by generating more materials through its social media platforms and the website. Vinta Program aims to inspire more Filipinos and to help in the furtherance of history and heritage appreciation in the Philippines.

Among the projects under Vinta Program are to produce video blogs, educational videos, and today in history posts.

Vinta Program forms part of the four main programs of Project Saysay. The three other programs are the Flagship Program which is the poster print distribution initiatve of Project Saysay it started in 2013; the Kuwentong Bayani Program which is the lecture initiative focusing on the various topics on Philippine history and heritage; and the Tanghalbayani Program or the exhibit initiative of the advocacy.

Project Vinta founder and director Oswald Santos now seats as one of the directors of Project Saysay heading the Research Committee. Santos also concurrently heads the Vinta Program. Other active volunteers of Project Vinta joins other Project Saysay committees.

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