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‘Xiao Time’ Returns via Project Saysay

Featuring the 400 years of Nuestra Señora del Carmen’s presence in the Philippines and the San Sebastian Basilica in Quiapo, Xiao Time, a defunct History television program, aired its first episode on its new platform on 3 May 2018.

Now being produced by Project Saysay, Xiao Time is still hosted by Xiao Chua, a historian and television personality.

Originally aired in 2012 as segment on PTV News of PTV 4, Xiao Time has produced a total of 639 television episodes. Most of these are uploaded on YouTube and serve as additional learning resources for Araling Panlipunan teachers and students.

Shortly after it signed off in August 2017, Project Vinta, a social media-based generator of Philippine History multimedia materials, adopted Xiao Time. Chua collaborated with Project Vinta Executive Director Oswald Santos in producing free 10-minute online materials, departing from its usual 3-minute length.

With the merger of Project Vinta and Project Saysay in December 2017, the former is now immortalized through the newly created Multimedia Team of Project Saysay. Santos then became one of the seven directors of Project Saysay while Chua has been contributor fellow since 2013. He is also a part of its editorial team.

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