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A Special Thanks to Mama Sita’s

Mama Sita’s Foundation has been a solid supporter of Project Saysay since 2017. Together with Aristocrat, Mama Sita’s hosted the send-off of Project Saysay to the crew of the Kaya ng Pinoy balanghai expedition to China in May 2017. It also sponsored Project Saysay shirts for the said crew as well as the condiments enough for the daring sail to the West Philippine Sea.

As its contribution in honoring the descendants, kin, and representatives, Mama Sita’s has been presenting a basket full of condiment products of Mama Sita Reyes’ decades of experimentation using Philippine native ingredients and home-grown spices. Each basket also contains a Mama Sita’s cookbook, a humble shrine of the lady’s memory.

Our sincerest gratitude to Mama Sita’s Foundation for its unfaltering support to the advocacies of Project Saysay.

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